The Curse Of Dale Arnold

The Curse Of Dale Arnold!


Trivia: In the last 47 years the Bruins have missed the playoffs 6x. Besides ownership who has been associated with the team for all 6 playoff misses?

Answer: Dale Arnold

Dale Arnold did Bruins play-by-play for 11 years. During that time the Bruins won 1 playoff round and they missed the playoffs 5x. Lets put the misses into perspective. Since the "original 12" in 1968 the Bruins have only missed the playoffs 5x (now 6x)! All with Dale.

Dale left the Bruins and they won the Stanley Cup within 4 years. More perspective, they won 6 rounds in the 4 years he was gone compared to the 1 playoff round in 11 years while he was there.

While away from the Bruins he did radio play-by-play for the Red Sox. In Sept. 2011, the Red Sox started out in 1st place overall, by a game and a half, but by the end of the month/season, with Dale filling in, including the very last game of the season, the Red Sox finished out of the playoffs, a time now known as "The September Collapse"! Most consider this the worst collapse in Red Sox history maybe baseball history.

Dale comes back to do Bruins intermissions and within 4 years the Bruins have missed the playoffs for the 1st time since Dale did play by play. This is the 1st of what is sure to be many playoff misses and 1st round knockouts for the Bruins.

Get used to it Bruins fans!

                  The Curse is back!


                     The Evidence

Numbers don't lie!

If you have proof that any of these numbers are incorrect please let me know.

Dale & the Bruins (Updated 4/14/15)

I chose the 1967-68 season for the first table because it was the beginning of the modern era and that is when the Bruins started a 29 straight year run of making the playoffs. This run ended in Dale's 2nd year of doing play by play.


 Bruins Years (Since 1967-68) Playoff Appearances
 Playoff Rounds Won
 Stanley Cups

Dale's Return (2011-15)

Dale's 15 year Totals


Total 9/15 (60%)


Total 5 


Total 0

 Post Dale Years (2007-08 to 2010-11)
 4/4 (100%)
 6 1
 The Dale Years (1995-96 to 2006-07)
 6/11 (55%)
 1 0
 Pre-Dale Years (1967-68 to 1994-95)
 28/28 (100%)
 31 2

Let's magnify that with just Dale's last 4 years versus the 4 years since he "left" to get an even breakdown like the Francona years for the Sox. This excludes the 2004-05 lockout year.

 Dale vs. Post Dale
 Playoff Appearances Playoff Rounds Won
 Stanley Cups
 Post Dale (2007-08 to 2010-11)
 4/4 (100%)
 6 1
The last 4 Dale Years (2002-03 to 2006-07)
 2/4 (50%)
 0 0

Dale & the Red Sox

 The first table looks at the years since MLB added the wild card.

 From 1994 (1st Wild Card Year)

 Playoff Appearances Playoff Rounds Won
 Post Dale (2012-2013)
 1 3 1
 The Dale Years (2008-2011)
 2 0 0
 Pre-Dale Years (1994-2007)
 7 8 2

Let's magnify that with just, the recently departed, Terry Francona years. This is a great example because it's an even split of 4 years with and 4 years without Dale.

 Francona's Years
 Playoff Appearances
 Playoff Rounds Won Championships
 With Dale  (2008-2011) 20
 Before Dale (2004-2007)

Dale & the Patriots

The sample size is small but notice the lack of playoff appearances along with the steady decline in the regular season win/loss record.The Patriots made the playoffs again in the 1994 season, 4 years after Dale left.

 The Dale Years
 W L Playoff Appearances
 1990 1 15 0
 1989 5 11 0
 1988 9 7 0

 Before Dale
 W L Playoff Appearances
 1987 8 7 0
 1986 11 5 Lost to Denver in Rd 1 (0-1)
 1985 11 5 AFC Champions (3-1)

Arnold's most famous line as a play-by-play announcer came in a 1988 game at Sullivan Stadium between the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts when Doug Flutie ran in the winning touchdown in the final 30 seconds; the crowd erupted and Arnold described the scene as "This place has gone icky balooky!" ....Wikipedia

Dale & the NJ Devils

A very small sample but this was actually a teams best playoff performance with Dale associated with that team.

 The Dale Years
 Playoff Appearances
 1987-88 38-36-6 Lost to Boston in Rd 3 (2-1)
 1986-87 29-45-6 0


****New to The Curse, Oct. 1 '11*****


It appears that The Curse Of Dale Arnold has made it's way to Managers/Coaches with the departure of Terry Francona.


        Bobby Valentine GONE!   


 Red Sox 3 managers in 6 years since Dale

 Red Sox 1 manager in the 6 years before Dale

 Claude on the clock!!

 Greatest Bruins coach in the modern era going, going ...!

Since Dale left the Bruins, they have had 1 coach in 4 years.


During his first tenure with the Bruins they went through 7 coaches, Steve Kasper, Pat Burns, Mike Keenan, Robbie Ftorek, Mike O'Connell, Mike Sullivan and Dave Lewis in 11 years. 





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